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TMH Ventures’ suite of services are available standalone or in combination

Fractional CTO

Our primary offering, a Fractional CTO delivers the technology vision and leadership to take your company to its next level of growth.  We can help at all levels of your business to define and implement the board-level technology strategy, define and implement a development process, recruit your in-house team, and provide leadership and direction to your existing team.  TMH Ventures Fractional CTO services are available on an Interim, Part-Time, and Product or Project basis.

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As an Interim CTO, TMH Ventures will work you with full-time to bridge the gap through your commercial launch and the need for a long-term, full-time CTO.


When your organization or technology team is small or needs to be built, an Interim CTO is more than you need.  TMH Ventures can help on a part-time basis bringing the same expertise and technology leadership as a full-time CTO to your business.

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Product or Project

TMH Ventures can be involved as much or as little in your business as you need.  We can deliver on all aspects of your technology strategy or apply CTO expertise to any specific technical initiatives the business needs.

Additional Services

Technical Due Diligence

Acquisition targets today all have a technology component either as the core product offering or as an element of a larger platform offering.  If you need an independent, experienced review of any or all aspects of the technology including code, infrastructure, architecture, development processes and the technology team, TMH Ventures will perform the evaluation you need to make an informed decision.

Product and Project Management

Taking a product from a POC to a launch ready MVP requires a dedicated resource that organizations sometimes just don’t have in house.  TMH Ventures can step in to direct resources, coordinate between stakeholders, and be accountable for ensuring your product’s launch success toward a goal of handing off the product to your team at launch.  Sometimes, your organization just needs someone to ensure the tasks are defined and the deadlines are met.  Our project management services are Agile-centric focusing on iterative development and can be tailored to your team’s working style to ensure on-time delivery.

Development and Development Process Audit

Unsure if your Development approach or Development Process are achieving maximum effectiveness with maximum efficiency?  Take advantage of our breadth of experience of technology development best practices from working in large and small technology development teams across large and small companies in early stage and mature phases to review and revise your approach.  TMH Ventures can also help implement any identified process revisions.