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Client Success

TMH Ventures is a digital consulting firm focused on helping businesses grow. We work with companies that need expert assistance in their digital strategy, development, and growth.


We empower our clients to achieve success through our range of professional services.

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Power Grid Data Company

TMH Ventures was hired by a Power Grid Data Company to complete development of the POC of their Retail and Wholesale Pricing Analysis Platform and to deliver the platform for commercial launch.  The Client had expert knowledge of their business and domain, but their development team was wholly outsourced and they needed both in-house and C-level technical expertise to help them reach their goals. The solution was a Fractional CTO.

TMH Ventures’ Fractional CTO collaborated with the Client’s executive management team and the outsource technical team to define and implement a go-to-market strategy for the platform based upon an iterative development process.

The scope included redesigning the customer User Interface, migrating from the outsource partner’s on-premise infrastructure to a cloud-based infrastructure, integrating a third-party payments platform, designing and implementing a marketing landing page, planning and executing load testing, and optimizing the platform’s operations and performance. The Fractional CTO hired in-house technical resources and transitioned technical expertise from the outsource partners.


Residential HVAC Monitoring Company

The Client, a Residential HVAC Monitoring company was shifting its product strategy and had developed a POC for an Internet-Of-Things (IOT) and Machine Learning (ML) and analytics-based platform.  The Client had a small and capable development team but needed someone who could lead the company’s technology efforts through commercial launch from the C-level.

TMH Ventures selected a Fractional CTO who had experience both developing large-scale IOT and analytics systems in the cloud and leveraging existing cloud-based architectures enhancing them for scale and security. The Fractional CTO worked with the Client’s executive leadership to define and implement the go-to-market MVP technology strategy.

The scope included implementing an iterative development process with load testing at each phase to ensure scalability and stability.  The Fractional CTO fast-tracked the organization’s Machine Learning capability with a key staff hire and a partnership with outside expertise led and grew the Client’s technology team hiring two developers and a technology lead.

Energy Field Services Company

The Energy Field Services Company had a clear product vision for a cloud-based platform that would support interaction with geographically remote physical IOT devices.  They had developed a prototype of key platform components, but they needed help proving the technology behind the protoype could deliver on that vision. The Client hired TMH Ventures’ Fractional CTO to develop and deliver the product MVP.

The Fractional CTO implemented the strategy for the MVP that included creating a secure and scalable cloud-based infrastructure that integrated with the IOT devices and developing a Python-based API for use by a User Interface.  The Fractional CTO worked with the Client to find and hire an outsource firm to build the web and mobile interfaces for the product, led the integration of the web and mobile interfaces with the API, and performed end-to-end testing of the product.

Energy Logistics Company

TMH Ventures worked with an Energy Logistics Company to develop and launch two products:  a customer-facing inventory visibility tool and an internal-use asset tracking tool.  The Client needed senior product and technical delivery expertise for the duration of the projects.  They did not have available in-house resources and did not want to hire a full-time employee.

TMH Ventures’ solution was to bring on a Product Manager with a track record of delivering on multiple products in parallel. For each product, the Product Manager defined and implemented product strategy, developed product features, engaged with key stakeholders, and delivered commercial-ready web and mobile applications.

Private Equity Firm

A Private Equity Firm wanted to understand the business and technical viability of reusing Electric Vehicle (EV) battery cells rather than recycling the cell materials. They were seeking an experienced technologist with business skills to evaluate the opportunity.

TMH Ventures brought in a Technology Strategist for the effort.  The strategist conducted extensive research on all aspects of the proposed business, including reviewing relevant government regulations, identifying regulatory gaps, performing due diligence on existing companies in this space, and delivering a short-term market analysis about their business plans and strategies for success.

Additional Services

Technical Due Diligence

Acquisition targets today all have a technology component either as the core product offering or as an element of a larger platform offering.  If you need an independent, experienced review of any or all aspects of the technology including code, infrastructure, architecture, development processes and the technology team, TMH Ventures will perform the evaluation you need to make an informed decision.

Product and Project Management

Taking a product from a POC to a launch ready MVP requires a dedicated resource that organizations sometimes just don’t have in house.  TMH Ventures can step in to direct resources, coordinate between stakeholders, and be accountable for ensuring your product’s launch success toward a goal of handing off the product to your team at launch.  Sometimes, your organization just needs someone to ensure the tasks are defined and the deadlines are met.  Our project management services are Agile-centric focusing on iterative development and can be tailored to your team’s working style to ensure on-time delivery.

Development and Development Process Audit

Unsure if your Development approach or Development Process are achieving maximum effectiveness with maximum efficiency?  Take advantage of our breadth of experience of technology development best practices from working in large and small technology development teams across large and small companies in early stage and mature phases to review and revise your approach.  TMH Ventures can also help implement any identified process revisions.